Where are the suggested corrections?

Corrections may not be available if the original address is ambiguous or too invalid. Warnings are presented instead.
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Suggested corrections are available when the original address is not ambiguous and too invalid. Otherwise, warnings prompts are shown.

What are ambiguous addresses?

These addresses are often undeliverable and it is not clear what the customer intended. Common examples include:

  • missing apartment #: an apartment complex may have dozens of units
  • missing street #: a given street may have numerous buildings
  • invalid street name and # combination: "123 Test Street"

Example ambiguous address: 401 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94102

This address does not exist and if you try to locate it on Google Maps, it drops a pin in the middle of the street:

If a customer specifies this into the address form, he/she will be presented with a warning message that looks like this:

No suggestions could be found in this case because there are too many possibilities - the user could have intended any of the buildings on Howard Street.

Example unambiguous address: 400 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94105

If the user specifies an address that is slightly wrong, he/she will be presented with suggested changes that look like this:

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